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Some products can customize your logo or text! Free shipping on all item
Some products can customize your logo or text! Free shipping on all item

About us

Our Story

From a small family-owned business to an innovative specialized equestrian garment brand, HR Farm has stayed true to its original values of quality, value, and style for nearly 30 years.

HR Farms started as Jack Wilson family's humble business, creating fabrics and supplying high-end shops that tailor to athletes. An astute observation of Mark James Todd, a 1998 Olympic horse-riding champion, about the fabric’s exemplary quality and comfort that makes it perfect for riders and our genuine love for horses and riding opened up an opportunity for the family business. We decided to venture into the clothing industry specializing in creating garments that meet the needs of horses and riders. Today, the Jack family’s HR Farm is a respected Equestrian Clothing line esteemed for the unparalleled comfort and happiness that the clothes bring to riders and horses alike.

At HR Farm, we understand that the bond between horse and rider is special. We use streamlined cuts and ergonomic designs to combine optimum functionality with impeccable style. Our garments come in a wide selection of fabrics that all provide all-day comfort, adaptable cooling properties, and efficient UV protection at the best prices.

With 30 years of extensive expertise, unmatched product quality, fresh perspective, and innovative spirit, HR Farm is ready to make a difference in the equestrian world. Our functional, sturdy, stylish, and affordable products are sure to meet American rider’s needs and surpass their expectations.

We are consistently looking for ways to improve and update our product line, that’s why we always love to listen to what our clients have to say. We research and develop the latest technologies and come up with the most advanced designs to keep evolving, innovating, and moving forward.